Expansion joints are integrated with bridge decks in order to accom modate the relative movement between the structure’s segments, as well as the movement between the superstructure itself and support abutmets. Such movements is the result of thermal expansion and contraction, creep and shrinkage of concrete, substructure settlement, live dynamic loads and other causes. As […]

VEKKON’s Modular Joints are designed as multiple or single support bar joints systems depending on the required range of movement and the intended application. They are designed to accommodate structural movements through on arrangement of adjacent connecting seals that have a self regulating gap system designed to ensure that all seals open equally. The joints […]

Carpets show grooves at both ends. They are connected with special sealant material. All carpets are manufactured in middle position. Under earthquake loads the opening movement of joints can be approximately twice the normal tension movement. TYPES: T100, T160, T230, S120, S200, S250, S350